We Take Extreme Pride in Safely and Efficiently Providing Tree Services in Gaston, Oregon and Surrounding Areas

Tree Removal

We can remove unwanted and hazardous trees from residential properties. We will remove everything from small to large trees requiring cranes. Whether it’s grown too big for its location, starting to disrupt your house’s foundation, diseased, dead, or if you simply want to replace it with something different.  


Tree Pruning

We do everything from pruning small fruit trees to 150’ Evergreens. With rope access, we are able to work on your trees safely without the use of spurs. The use of spurs is common in the industry, but can create wounds that can attract insects and can possibly weaken the tree over time due to disease.


Portable Sawmilling

We have the capabilities of turning your downed trees into usable lumber rather than firewood by bringing our portable sawmill to you. We can cut dimensional lumber, such as 2x4s, deck boards, siding, large beams, or live-edge slabs. We have a Woodmizer Bandsaw and Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, and the capabilities of milling anything up to 22′ long and 69″ wide.


Emergency Storm Damage

We have the knowledge and skills to safely remove trees or branches off structures or to remove hazardous hanging branches without causing more damage.


Fire Fuels Management

Sadly forest fires happen, but we can help protect your home from wildfires by managing your underbrush, low hanging limbs, and trees near structures. 


Stump Grinding

After tree removal, we have the equipment and expertise to efficiently grind out the stump and roots to allow for a new tree to be put in its place, or grass to be planted. 


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